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Proof of Perfection in Creation, Ourselves and the World

Higher-order accurate space-time schemes for computational astrophysics


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Anon asked about Higher-order accurate space-time schemes for computational astrophysics.
My answer: Anal Eyes brains (analyzing) think this about the “Runge–Kutta schemes and ADER (Arbitrary DERivative in space and time)” —- “The first overarching goal of this review is to document several higher-order methods that can now be applied to simulations in computational astrophysics.”
Note the word ‘simulations’
This ‘hydro package’ makes major assumptions and leaps as calculus allows for that! A The Ory is the same a s St Ory. Where is the go**am evidence! Theories based on theories are what they appear to be a go**am st ory.

Is OK however, as God enjoys the damned and the un-damned
This is one more way to run the wrong path, one that leads away from Nature and it’s natural energies. One more way to kill off the Tartar Aryans. One more way to go away from Home. There are millions of one more ways to head out away from Home and away from the signals your Heart is knudging you with.

How many of us (most of us?) are fully engaged in dis-engagement of our true selves. Independently gathering data but so into pride we are missing the “P” Ride! The Perfect Ride. You are Perfect. No need to look for imperfections anymore!

The sounds we make, the colors we use, the shapes of our buildings and our bodies. These add up to the demonstrations we make to each other so that each of us can see what level or point of outreach we have attained. It is quite glorious to see so many declare their level with their intentions, spoken words and actions or reactions. When you see it this way you will have more clarity (and delight) on the feedback you are getting and sending others.

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Thera - Th Era - Thought Era

Heart means Human Energy ART

Earth means Energized ART for Humanity

Aether means Air Energy

The Ra means The Sun or The Heart

The Eye of Ra is the Pineal Gland in the Brain

"Thera", an honor term for senior, fully ordained Himalyan Buddhist monks; traditionally one ordained for 10 or more years.

Thira means a wave (vibrations).

Thera was an island until it erupted, formerly Atlantis per Plato. Home of the first language known as PI E Language 

Thera was renamed after the volcano there had the largest eruption in human history.

Th─ôra in Latin spelling is pronounced "tear ah" (Terra?) . (Maybe they were in a big tree?)

Today it is called Santorini.