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Proof of Perfection in Creation, Ourselves and the World

by Kevin Gilbert May 4 2021 May the Fourth be with you

We are told Source of Everything is everywhere and inside us but we cannot see it. We are told we can feel it but cannot see it. Is that true? We know we have been modified in the connections between our senses and our brain. And our pineal glands are under constant attack. Add all the memes (ME ME). And we have physical connections to ourselves hidden by self poisoning and 'noise'.

We cannot find eyes, ears, touch and sound to 'see' Source of Everything. We feel everything Human is in a four part decode. Each person is three roles, Mother, Father and Child. The Fourth is the Invisible Force that holds everything and Powers everything. So four parts. From there we join up with others and form small and large groups or families.

One way to look at the natural world is in order and the chaotic world as out of order. Think of two types of 'waves' in the air with many combinations of each. The natural ones touch everything and everywhere. Tesla said they are the vibrations, the frequencies, the colors and the shapes. These are all formed naturally and they are continuous waves, no pulsing or short bursts. They look long, undulating and smooth. These are the waves of Life.

These are the waves of the Earth, a natural living organism with a Heart. The brain or intelligence of the Earth is self evident everywhere. The Heart or the Sun provides all the warmth and sustenance we need. The various life forms including us that the Sun supports, all end up supporting each other.  The Earth also spells Heart, Thera, The Ra and Aethre. The Air, Water and Sun create all that life forms need to live and thrive. The whole world's people fit into the size of Texas with one acre of land each.

The other kind of waves are man-made and these waves are (chaotic / out of order / matrix world) sharp and jagged and chaotic and pulsing and can be PAINFUL and have long term effect.

While we traverse life and the man-made world, we 'think' / 'visualize' about the natural Life waves. We 'refer' to them in media and books to assist us to stay alive with the pulsing waves. When we turn toward the Heart for direction and use the brain as a reference, well then we are using Logic.

Right now, we find ourselves in a child like and sometimes illogical but grand exploration of good, bad and indifference and knowing the difference. 

Dave the YUUUUUUP! Man from Storage Wars is the ultimate Icon for love and pain in this world. Everyone wants to be a 'winner' like him. He works very hard for the love he has for his family. Not realizing he is the loudest baby whaling in the day care center as he 'feels' he has endured the most pain. All his actions may be reflecting that. 

Blame is the Be Lame game. That is my sense from experience. We can learn from all this data we have all collected. Together we have all the answers.

Look at the words Source of Everything. How can that be. Well Everything cannot be in Everything can it? Only if we could understand it, could it be that way. The ancients came to know this as Nothing. A mystery for now, my story later. That was one way it is self evident. Since I accept this, a second way, the Big Bang (theory) now makes perfect sense.

Later in life, I learned a certain radioactive isotope found in nature only stays in it's form for a matter of seconds. Yet it was found deep inside Granite from large mountains of Granite. Frozen in place from when it was formed. Proving the granite is not molten and dried lava but created instantly. Thereby, the big bang is not a theory. Making Earth made in short order and completely real. It reminded us of a pressure point moment when you turn from one direction to another. A moment of discernment. It was filled with Life including a grand expression of itself, You and Me.

When I look into what is happening in my body and match it to what has been discovered in recent times, then this above is all validated. A third way is how to see this live in nature and in my life experience.

When you are planting, seeds come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. All making big and luscious fruits and vegetables. Some of these little rascals (the seeds, you must be extra careful with them because they are so small.. If you drop those little rascals on the ground, you will never see them again. To you they have become and are nothing. Either way, plant them or not. You will see a whole bunch of everything come from nothing. How did that tiny little seed get so big and fruitful. Where did all the feedback it needed come from to do that. What was the source of the source of the feedback. Later, when the plant is out of the ground and is young, out of nothing a stem appears. then a branch and a leaf. All from nothing. Later, another 'bud' appears from nothing. And from nothing comes the string bean or the lemon. Fresh food from nothing. I accept the premise.

Trillions of times a moment under your skin something happens from nothing. So, the Big Bang Theory is proven It actually happens in a flash in your thoughts and body, leading to feelings and actions. Tertullian saw this when he thought of the 'Logos' - another word for logic. See further down.

Think of You and Me are a Group of Friends walking together and to gather. The Source of Everything made us. We are on our way enjoying creation and gathering data and having fun. You and I are called The Creation of Man, the Female-Heart and the Male-Brain each weaved together and then a Child. The Mind is a group Mind we all share and we can all tap into it, where ideas are stored and memories and connections to each other.

We are discovering everything provable and unprovable which comes with birth, death, help, harm, logic, illogic, joy and pain. All at the same time, our Father Brain / energies and our Mother Heart energies are keeping a very close eyes on us as well as our self as a Child and extended family in the sky.

What does The Fallen mean?

You and me are the fallen. There is nothing wrong with us or broken. If we are punished the word it self is a joke. (PUN)is hment. After witnessing the patterns of Golden, Bronze and Iron ages, it seems evident Humanity is exploring Creation in three stages or Ages.

There was a Mother's energy leading the Golden Age, a Father's (Male) energy leading the Bronze Age and a Child (Mix of child and mother father experiences) energy leading today, the Iron Age. After experiencing all scenarios for completely decoding the human condition, we have achieved the least room for error or leaving any stone unturned or any experience untried. Fun - F Unwound, all the way. This issue is followed more deeply at The Fallen Us Decoded website. The short answer is we are (F) All In!

Is the World Ending?

The world always comes to an end in cycles. Then it starts up new again. It is the same way in your body at the cellular level. Your 10+ trillion cells in your Human body expire and renew themselves on average 70 times each during your lifetime. When they have run their course, they blink - and a new cell - is there. Something from Nothing!

The Earth is a living organism and is connected to other living organisms. It lives and grows and provides a magical Aether filled, safe space of energized ions for us to create and destroy with.

The stars in the sky, are old friends of ours who walked Earth once and had great influence. They are favorite personalities of the Source of All, if you will.

Is the world ending soon?

If you look around you and inside you, you will know that you need to work on you. Everything starts at home. If we work at home and then face each other, we can remember how great we are and all will be well.

Are empcoe / plasma apocalypses real? Can they be reversed?

Yes they are real. Only the people who own all the observatories and their network can best guess the time. The way their representatives in the power structures behave is how you can measure it. Said power structure would tell you but they are happy with the arrangement as it stands.

Would said power structure stop you from advancing toward your true purpose as a Human? No, they cannot do that and do not want to. Empcoes and big bangs happen continuously throughout our lives, in our local and world events and within our bodies by the second. The big ole Earth moves a little slower than we do, that is all.

The Earth is self sufficient and never needs to self repair with an empcoe. It is simply responding to us. The way it has to you, every moment of your life. The Earth is a giant feedback machine and a magical mystery machine. Whatever we intend goes out of us in every direction and is returned dynamically back to us, individually and in the groups we form.

These are the offences, if you will, that would need to end in order for the Earth to cease self-repair and end the need to prepare for a plasma apocalypse empcoe:

A) Needless killing and mis-treatment of Humans and Animals or any creature with a beating Heart.

B) Needless power structures to transform Humans into slave worker /masters.

C) Needless destruction of our environment through money/mass distribution / control networks.

D) Needless squelching of knowledge, historical evidence, true shape of Earth and nature of Humanity. 

Do you benefit from the above activities? Who does? Do you think ceasing the above behaviors would be enough intent to turn things around and end any future plasma apocalypses (Earth self-repairing) forever!?

Can I have any Influence during these times? Can I repair myself and others?

When you are feeling better, you will automatically pass that vibration on to the next person. It is the secret of Earth and being a Man (Male or Female). Basically it is this: What ever your intention is or what you focus on, becomes you and your world and your reality. Even more basic, where your nose is pointing, is where you land. Or real simple, follow your nose.

Every time you follow the order of things, the Source of All and the Earth herself, respond and put things in order for you. Opposite (out of order) brings opposite (out of order). The order of things that work and are provable exist everywhere in your body and in nature. The out of order things are chaotic, break things and re-assemble them. Then the things and their makers declare themselves, in order.

Basically, in the All Wisdom of Source of All, We/You/I are engaged in being Creators as physical beings. You are wired electrically and many many ways to all living things. The feedback is so instant it happens before you know it happens. Your life in many ways unfolds in front of you, from Nothing. And everything that is. And everything that has come before. We are a mix of personalities of a Mother, Father and Child, the correct trinity. The glue that holds it all together is, the Fourth. Or the Nothing inside and surrounding everything. Or thoughts and actions that do not require "vibration".

What is Nothing?

Nothing is a concept given to explain the Source of All by the ancients and validated repeatedly in and around you. Nothing is the place where the Source of All is, and in every thing. It is self evident every where you look or think. How do I pick the real from the make believe?

Here's Tertullian's very interesting explanation of what logos is:

"Observe, then, that when you are silently conversing with yourself, this very process is carried on within you by your reason, which meets you with a word at every movement of your thought … Whatever you think, there is a word … You must speak it in your mind … .... Thus, in a certain sense, the word is a second person within you, through which in thinking you utter speech …

The word is itself a different thing from yourself. Now how much more fully is all this transacted in (Fourth or Source) God, whose image and likeness you are?"

There many many discussions of logos and logic throughout the web. Here is where the passage above was lifted from:

A discussion of the heretic named Tertullian: (Tartarian? Natural Law?) Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country 69 spaces in this line - the hidden hand that is also inside you

Philip, Sylvie, Martin, Richie, Lauda, Judy, Matrix Hacker, ODD TV, MFU, MrMb333, BAL33 Mia's New Pair, B'dog, MK'kitty, Youtube, google, TV, Beyonce, Lucille Ball, Hollywood are the code givers. We are the code receivers. This a very advanced mission.

I will help you SEE what you truly are. It has been said Adam the first meat eating animal killer is in the game with us now. (Maybe) All the orgasms and murders for thousands of years and the empcoes also are all directly related to the first offender. (Maybe) In my mind, we, are Him (Adam) divided into 8 billion people. We, as a unit, are the Divine Luminous Child of Source. We have chosen to experience Red Zone activities including pain and murder and orgasms. It is our right. We are the ultimate explorers. We work directly under God, the Source of All

Please learn how shapes, colors and vibrations are all counter-parted. You can not have one without the other. One of the most important trinities in our lives to better understand our environment.

This is very important to investigate the properties of shapes, colors and vibrations/frequencies/sounds as they are independently and together and what different minds perspectives feel and think when those individuals and groups are 'working' with them.

Shapes include most importantly, digits/numbers and letters (the alpha bet) and the sounds they make and the colors represented. But all shapes have an energy signature and an associated color and vibration. The entire Earth and all Life inside it is made of Atoms or Ions. They are all arranged via a non vibrating and unmeasurable 'signal' from the Source of All. We (the Humans) are also arranged by this grand design. ALL of us lifeforms inside Earth are touching right now via the IONS. All the ions are touching and connected. Each Atom has a Nucleus with observers (electrons) We are co-creators with Source inside a magical mystery machine that molds realities for us according to our thoughts. You and I are in complete control.

This series continues "The cheat codes the Fourth has been sending us our entire lives."

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Thera - Th Era - Thought Era

Heart means Human Energy ART

Earth means Energized ART for Humanity

Aether means Air Energy

The Ra means The Sun or The Heart

The Eye of Ra is the Pineal Gland in the Brain

"Thera", an honor term for senior, fully ordained Himalyan Buddhist monks; traditionally one ordained for 10 or more years.

Thira means a wave (vibrations).

Thera was an island until it erupted, formerly Atlantis per Plato. Home of the first language known as PI E Language 

Thera was renamed after the volcano there had the largest eruption in human history.

Th─ôra in Latin spelling is pronounced "tear ah" (Terra?) . (Maybe they were in a big tree?)

Today it is called Santorini.